Damage scaling is a mechanic introduced in Super Smash Bros. Clash. This a entirely new system introduced into Clash that is used to modify the damage of combos in order to stop them from being broken. The more hits that are placed in a combo, the weaker a combo becomes.

Notes regarding the systemEdit

  • Attacks landed after a Special move has been Clash Canceled out of and Final Smashes count twice. For example, when a Final Smash connects on the on-screen combo meter as the third hit, it registers in damage scaling as the fourth hit.
  • Special moves, throws (including command throws, such as Donkey Kong's Kong Bomber, all normal attacks, and Clash Attacks count once.
  • If a move hits multiple times, all the hits of that move are still treated as the same attack.
  • All hits of a jab, or other multi-command, multi-hit attacks, are treated as the same attack. There are exceptions.

Combo scaling processEdit

The system goes like this:

  • First and second hits deal full (100%) damage.
  • Third hit deals 90%.
  • Fourth hit deals 80%.
  • Fifth hit deals 70%.
  • Sixth hit deals 60%
  • Seventh hit deals 50%.
  • Eighth hit deals 40%.
  • Ninth hit deals 30%.
  • Tenth hit deals 20%.
  • Eleventh hit deals 10%.
  • Twelfth hit and all after deal 5%.

Note that move knockback is slightly decreased as a combo goes on as well. The hitstun each attack deals is also decreased.

For example, a basic Ryu combo goes like this, with the move's normal damage listed at the end:

  1. Neutral Attack (2 hits) - 5%
  2. Down Strong - 9%
  3. Hadoken - 8%
  4. Hadoken is Clash Canceled, Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (grounded, 3 hits) - 12%
  5. Pick opponent up with Down Strong - 9%
  6. Up Smash - 15%
  7. Shinku Hadoken (3 hits) - 20%
  • Total Combo Damage: 78%

Here is what that combo does after damage scaling. It goes Move Name - Damage -> Rounded Damage - Damage Scaled:

  1. Neutral Attack (2 hits) - 5% - 100%
  2. Down Strong - 9% - 100%
  3. Hadoken - 7.2% -> 8% - 90%
  4. Hadoken is Clash Canceled, Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (grounded, 3 hits) - 8.4% -> 8% - 70%
  5. Pick opponent up with Down Strong - 5.4% -> 5% - 60%
  6. Up Smash Attack - 7.5% -> 8% - 50%
  7. Shinku Hadoken (3 hits) - 8% - 40%
  • Total Combo Damage: 51%

That's 27% in decreased damage. Damage scaling has a big impact on the game's combo system, and as such, it's a better idea to stick to short, damaging combos instead of long ones with a bunch of weak hits leading into powerful hits. In particular, it's generally not a good idea to stuff a Final Smash in late; you want to use it in a combo as soon as possible.

If you do like long, damaging combos, you may want to look into learning how to reset the damage scaling process.

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