Event Matches are a game mode in Super Smash Bros. Clash. These are very unique battles where the conditions you need to fill are a bit different than in a normal battle. The Event Match count has been increased big time at a massive 101 set of matches. You also start with 15 of these to play as opposed to 10.

They now have 6 (!) difficulties: Very Hard, Intense, and Unfair are now selectable. Unfair is unlocked after clearing an event on Intense.

Each Event follows a specific format, listed here:

  • Basic Info:
    • Information: "Describe Topic Here"
    • Match Type:
    • Stage: Yeah.
    • You: Who you play as.
    • Your Stocks: Yeah.
    • Opponents: Character (Easy AI Level/ Normal / Hard/ Very Hard /Intense / Unfair)
    • Opponent Stocks: Yeah.
    • Clear Condition: What you have to do to win this.
    • Items?: What's turned on, how often items appear
    • Rewards: Rewards for clearing it. Rewards may also be given for beating a certain record or beating them on a certain difficulty.

You can also view the Top 5 results for each Event Match, and even save replays of them. You can upload these replays to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection's User Central and download replays from the best event match players all over the world.

Whether co-op events are coming back or not is something to be determined, but if they come back there will be around 31 -41 events.

Overall, it's still quite an interesting mode.