Gliding is a mechanic from Super Smash Bros. Brawl that returns for Super Smash Bros. Clash. It allows characters to glide for a short period of time by angling the control stick up and down. It remains virtually unchanged from Brawl in terms of what exactly you can do while gliding.

Characters can glide by holding the Jump button for about 40 frames or doing a Down, Down Forward, Forward motion and then holding the jump button. Press jump again to exit glide mode. Much like in Brawl, if you don't have any jumps left you automatically enter helpless.

All of the characters who can glide except for Knuckles can perform a Glide Attack by pressing the Attack button while gliding. Unlike in Brawl, this move always causes your character to go into helpless state.


The following characters can glide:

* Knuckles's glide is a bit weirder than the others since his glide is also his glide attack. See his character page for more information.

Meta Knight has the best glide, followed by Pit, then Ridley, then Knuckles, and lastly Charizard.