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Universe Kirby
Appears in 64, Melee, Brawl Clash
Debut Kirby's Dream Land (1992)
Availability Starter
Tier Unknown

Kirby is a starting playable character in Super Smash Bros. Clash. He's a pink puff ball from Dream Land and is a very jolly fellow, with the special ability to absorb his opponents and obtain their most notable powers. Kirby enters The Dark Tournament out of curiosity after finding very strange things going on at King Dedede's Castle and all across Dream Land.

Kirby is one of the more balanced characters in the game, possessing good power, alright speed, great aerial prowess and a bunch of other nasty tricks in exchange for dying really fast and having a pretty eh ground game.

Means of UnlockingEdit

Changes from Brawl to ClashEdit


  • Better air speed.
  • Increased priority on Neutral Aerial, Down Aerial, Forward Aerial and Back Aerial.
  • Neutral Aerial does more damage.
  • Down Aerial is a stronger Meteor Smash.
  • New, better Up Special Move: Rising Break.
  • Down Smash comes out on frame 9-20 instead of frame 10-21.
  • He gains some new tricks with his Side Special Move, Hammer.
  • He slides a little bit if he turns into a Stone while dashing.
  • Down Strong is now a sliding attack.
  • Faster falling speed.
  • Final hit of Dash Attack launches.


  • Side Smash has less priority, hits on frame 14-21 instead of frame 12-20 and does slightly less knockback.
  • Any non-grab attack the goeat through the Stone will now inflict damage. Stone will also not shield you from any Clash Attacks or Final Smashes.
  • Grounded Hammer starts 5 frames slower.
  • Aerial Hammer is a bit slower, slightly less damaging and weaker.
  • Up Smash does less damage.
  • Down Smash does less damage and the tip hitbox no longer semi-spikes.
  • Dash Attack has less priority.
  • Faster falling speed.


  • Inhale gets you a different move for each character; it's not always the Standard Special Move.
  • Up Aerial has been replaced with a move fairly similar to his old Up Special Move, the Final Cutter. Whether this is a buff or a nerf is yet to be determined.
  • Stone can now turn Kirby into a:

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Ground MovesEdit


  • Neutral Attack: The Fighter ability's Vulcan Jab from the Kirby games. Kirby punches quickly two times, then does a flurry of punches which create small waves. Decent combo starter and pretty fast, but not much range on the first two hits. Can do a lot of damage against people who don't DI properly though. Pretty hard to punish this when blocked.
    • Damage: 2% first hit, 3% second hit, 1% for each Vulcan Jab hit
  • Side Strong Attack: Kirby does a quick roundhouse kick than can be angled up or down. It comes out on frame 5 and has good range, so it's useful as a shield poke. Mostly safe on block also.
    • Damage: 7%
  • Up Strong Attack: Kirby quickly raises one of his feet upward from behind. Starts extremely quick and has high priority, not to mention a fantastic move to start some of Kirby's damaging juggles. Does barely and damage or knockback and has bad vertical and horizontal reach however. This becomes stronger the closer an opponent is to Kirby, strongest hitbox being above him.
    • Damage: 7% far, 5% close
  • Down Strong Attack: Kirby's sliding attack that he has in some of the Kirby games. This move starts on frame 6, making it decently fast and it also has great range on it. Much like other slides it's useful to go under projectiles and high attacks. While this sliding attack has a bit more power behind it than others, it has MASSIVE ending lag on it and is very unsafe on hit at low percents, especially compared to Waluigi and Mega Man's slides. Still, you can combo into this and it is powerful.
    • Damage: 10%

Smash AttacksEdit

Aerial MovesEdit

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Special and Super MovesEdit

Standard Special Move: InhaleEdit

Kirby opens his mouth and creates a vortex of wind with that Vacuum effect. This is unblockable. Once Kirby has someone in his mouth, he can either spit them out for 5% damage by pressing any button. By pressing Special, Kirby will absorb one of the foe's special moves.

This is a bit different now, though. Kirby will not always copy a Neutral B after this; the move he gets is character-dependent. This is to compensate a little for Kirby's overall slight nerf. Every move below has the same properties as its main character's counterpart unless noted otherwise.

Also, if any sound effect is made during the original attack, Kirby will usually mimic it.

Character Physical Features Special Move Notes
Mario Mario's cap Fireball
Luigi Luigi's cap Super Jump Punch When sweetspotted, does a little less knockback than Luigi's version.
Bowser Bowser's hair, eyebrows and horns Fire Breath
Fawful Fawful's glasses and cape Star Bullet
Donkey Kong A brown fur suit with Donkey Kong's hair at the top Giant Punch
Funky Kong Funky Kong's sunglasses and bandanna Funky's Sonic Kick
Samus Samus' helmet Charge Shot Projectile resistance is slightly weaker than Samus' version, but the fully charged version will usually beat most projectiles
Ridley A hat with Ridley's upper jaw, eyes and the spike at the back of his head Sonic Roar One of the few matches I'd really try to get a copy ability from; really can turn a match around
Yoshi A hat that has Yoshi's eyes, nose and scales Egg Roll
Kirby You're trying to absorb yourself, you twit. See left. See left.
Meta Knight Meta Knight's mask and a small pair of wings Mach Tornado
Mewtwo Mewtwo's ears and tail grow onto Kirby's body, so they're whatever color Kirby is Shadow Ball Really good move here; try and get this. Considering the match-up you have to get it in, easier said than done.
Zoroark Zoroark's "hair" Shadow Claw Kirby's Shadow Claw can not be angled downward, but you can still aim it upward.
Captain Falcon Captain Falcon's helmet with visor. Unlike in older games, Kirby gets the white triangle eyes. Falcon Punch Yes, Kirby still does a cute little "FALCON PUNCH!" cry while doing this. Also good luck finding a way to combo into this.
Black Shadow Hat with Black Shadow's horns Black Bull Another ability I'd always try to get. A command grab is always invaluable.
Ike Ike's headband and hair Aether
Wario Wario's helmet. Chomp
Waluigi Waluigi's cap Waluigi Home Run
Little Mac Little Mac's hair and shirt Champion Uppercut
Kyle Hyde Kyle Hyde's hair and a small tie Red Crown Charge
Mr. Game & Watch Kirby becomes whatever color the Mr. Game & Watch he copied was Chef
The Dog A hat with The Dog's muzzle, nose, eyes, and floppy ears Hound Rush
Sonic A hat with Sonic's spiky hair and ears Spin Dash
Knuckles A hat with Knuckle's dreadlocks and the white curve on Knuckles' chest being on the hat's forehead Drill Claw
Mega Man Mega Man's helmet Mega Buster If Kirby is crouching while doing this move, it will not fly at a 45 degree angle upwards like Mega Man's version.
Ryu Ryu's headband and hair; hair is to distinguish from Snake's Kirby Hat Hadoken Probably the best projectile you're getting out of this move aside from chargeable ones; if you want to think about getting into a zoning fight in this match I'd HIGHLY recommend you get this from him

You can also use this move to kill yourself and take your foe with you, swallow items and other things. You can even steal Copy Abilities from other Kirby's by inhaling and swallowing them like usual. You'll take that Kirby's power and they'll have to get a new one. Nifty, isn't it?

Side Special Move: HammerEdit

Up Special Move: Final CutterEdit

Down Special Move: StoneEdit

Clash Attack: Cook KirbyEdit

Final Smash 1: Hyper CrashEdit

Final Smash 2: UnknownEdit

Kirby doesn't have a Final Smash 2 yet. I'll need to think more about this later.


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