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Universe Pokémon
Appears in Brawl, Clash
Debut Pokémon Diamond & Pearl (2006)
Availability Starter
Tier Unknown

Changes from Brawl to ClashEdit

Lucario was one of the most unique characters in Brawl and continues his tradition in Clash. He's received a fair number of modifications. His normals have actually received very few changes outside of a couple hitbox adjustments; most of his changes are to his specials.

Of particular note is that Lucario has some new ways to force himself to take damage and thus make himself stronger. His Side and Down Specials are both useful for this. Lucario does, however, have some more attacks that are always solid and not buffed or nerfed severely depending on how Lucario is doing in the fight.

Lucario's Force Palm has been removed entirely and now Double Team serves it's control slot under a new name. He has a new down special move to remedy for this.


  • Aura Storm overall improved to make it, among other things, landable.
  • Aura Sphere has fixed aura; it is always at 182%, neutral advantage strength.
  • ExtremeSpeed is now an attack.
  • Dash grab range slightly increased.
  • Double Team command changed (now replaces Force Palm as side B), renamed and modified a bit. It also comes in three versions; one to counter left attacks, one to counter right attacks and one to counter projectiles.
  • Lucario's Side and Up Smashes can now nullify projectiles of varying strength; which ones is aura dependent.


  • Slightly decreased standing grab range.
  • Hitbox on first hit of jab about 2/3 it's old range, second hit 3/4, final hit is left alone
  • Hitbox on Forward Aerial doesn't hit behind Lucario anymore.
  • Base knockback for Forward Throw increased.
  • Down Aerial removed with a overall worse, but still decent no-aura hand attack.
  • Up Strong hitstun increase is incredibly small compared to other attacks being converted into Clash. It also has lowered knockback decay from Stale Move Negotiation and has slightly increased base knockback.

Other / Neutral changesEdit

  • Up Smash loses 9 active frames and a very very small part of it's vertical hitbox, but it has slightly increased horizontal range allowing it to connect more easily against a grounded opponent and as noted above can now destroy projectiles depending on aura.
  • Some palette swaps changed to avoid confusion in team battles. Lucario is one of the only characters so far, the other being Sonic, to not have clear rips of his Brawl colors in Clash.


Lucario is a well balanced character with a long list of properties that make playing him an entirely different ballpark compared to the rest of the cast. Lucario is a great comeback character and is very easy to comeback against himself thanks to that aura property of his: In many cases it's a curse, some a blessing. This can make Lucario a really frustrating and difficult character to consistently win with but he has plenty of tools to work his way in a match.

With his aura system giving him big benefits, Lucario becomes extremely powerful and a huge threat to anyone who does as much as poke a finger at him. This allows Lucario to land just a few blows if he's behind in order to even up the score and put himself in a favorable position. Lucario's unique ways of dealing damage to himself in order to get at that point, his Counter and Endure special moves, are extremely useful tools regardless for stopping an opponent's offense when it's just starting up. His Aura attacks also give him huge disjointed hitboxes that, if spaced properly, making punishing him difficult and he's free to attack from a distance. Lucario's overall offense and combo game, air game, and defensive tools (anti-airs and follow-ups to throws for example) also all work well and let a player choose between defense or offensive depending on the match-up. Some other notable properties are his amazing set of Smash Specials, amazing rolls, good methods of controlling projectiles, and pretty decent recovery.

With his aura system giving him big benefits, Lucario becomes extreme-well, that's only when Lucario is behind and at a decent amount of damage. Lucario is probably the worst character at the start of a match since he has unsafe, weak normals, doesn't have meter to use his Smash Specials (which are amazing regardless of Luke's aura) and really doesn't have much going for him then. Lucario is also the only character in the game who is punished for doing well since being ahead in stocks makes him even weaker. Lucario's Final Smashes are probably the biggest kick for him as a lot of people can just have their SSM filled decently to function well; Lucario's is another story since he needs to take huge risks to have them be anywhere close to useful. Some other negatives are that he has a really bad punish and reversal game without Super Smash or Clash Attack meter, has several slow attacks to balance it out some fast, high active frame ones, dies fast vertically and his Clash Attack is very difficult to land.

If you want to be good with Lucario, you need to keep momentum going through the match so you can either stall out a match or just end it fast depending on how you're doing. At low percents and a big lead you're a low damage, high combo hit count and later on an Anubis-shaped defensive bulldozer who becomes even horrifying with lots of meter to waste. Clash is a far more powerful, dangerous game to play compared to Brawl and can makes Lucario transform into something else on a moment's whim. Lucario's inconsistency makes him difficult to play and very hard to master in a number of matches. Someone who has him mastered, though, can definitely take this guy places.

You're running on hot and cold blood at once. The best part is that Aura is blue, a cool color... and it shares a lot of visual elements with fire and blue fire is the hottest type of fire.


  • The Aura system!
  • Several of his attacks have massive, disjointed hitboxes and are difficult to poke through.
  • Good Special attacks and one of the best sets of Smash Specials in the game.
  • Final Smashes shut down a lot of the opponent's options when he has access to them.
  • Great defensive game with several normals that last forever and good projectiles an attack absorbers. Also good is that his offense isn't terrible.
  • Fantastic dodges and good recovery move let him dodge attacks and get back to the stage safely well.


  • The Aura system...
  • Final Smash quality is really dependent on damage / stock, even more than Lucario's normals.
  • Bad at punishing attacks.
  • Combos are limited when at high aura and very weak (albeit long) at low aura.
  • Several of his attacks heavily rely on prediction, proper spacing and mix-ups to land or make safe; otherwise they are very unsafe.
  • Overall, a very frustrating character to play and takes a lot of time to master.

Lucario's Aura SystemEdit

Lucario still has his old Aura system in Clash working a lot like it did in Brawl. The short way to describe this is as Lucario takes damage the damage and knockback on his attacks increase. This means at 0%, Lucario is extremely weak and even his Final Smashes deal low knockback but when he approaches 200% Lucario starts to rival ultra power characters such as Black Shadow in strength. The estimate overall cap is 182% but several attacks cap before then.

All (except for one) of Lucario's attacks that emit a blue flaming substance (Aura) are modified by this mechanic. Moves that are not modified are:

  • Neutral Special, Aura Sphere
  • Down Special, Endure
  • Clash Attack, Close Combat
  • Final Smash 2: Reversal uses a variation on this.
  • Dash Attack
  • Down Throw
  • Back Throw
  • Down Aerial

Lucario's position in a match also affects his aura. This has five base levels:

  • Lucario is behind the second worst performing fighter by 2 stocks / points (severely increases Aura)
  • Lucario is behind the second worst performing fighter by 1 stock / point (increase Aura)
  • No noticeable advantage or disadvantage (ie tie)
  • Lucario is ahead of the second best performing fighter by 1 stock / point (decrease Aura)
  • Lucario is ahead of the second best performing fighter by 2 stocks / points (severely decreases Aura)

By this, a terrible-performing Lucario can make comebacks REALLY fast, especially if he's at a high percent. Likewise Lucario becomes almost unbearable to play as if he's healthy and performing well.


  • Note: Many of Lucario's attacks change depending on his aura, as mentioned above. Damage for these moves will be listed as follows:
    • Base version (0%, neutral state)
    • Ok strength (40%, neutral state)
    • Good strength (90%, neutral state)
    • Maximum strength (move cap / 182%, neutral state)

Ground MovesEdit


  • Neutral Attack: Lucario does a paw thrust, then brings his other paw up for a back strike, then a high jump kick. The range has been nerfed, although this attack still has a good hitbox for a jab especially on that final hit. This also works well as an anti-air attack or to start up several of Lucario's tick throws or ground combos / juggles. Overall a fairly solid attack. If you use it in combos, it's a good idea to almost always just use the first hit and not the second (if you aren't going to do all three) because the damage gain is nowhere close to significant and you're only Hitstun scaling yourself. Caps at 170%.
    • Damage First Hit: 2% / 2% / 3% / 4%
    • Damage Second Hit: 1% / 1% / 2% / 2%
    • Damage Third Hit: 3% / 4% / 5% / 7%
  • Side Strong Attack: Lucario puts one arm on top of the other and releases two hits of aura energy. Can be angled, but properties are changed barely any between each version. Has some start-up on it but it's one of Lucario's stronger basic moves and is pretty safe on non-perfect shield due to the high shieldstun it causes. It's not a useful combo tool; more of a spacing and poking attack that works great for more turtle-based Lucario players. A good attack; aura caps at 167%.
    • Damage: 9% / 10% / 13% / 18%
  • Up Strong Attack: Lucario kicks upward in a very wide arc. The hitbox on this thing is enormous, plus it's a really fast and can be used for some easy juggles into itself and other attacks. Not quite as good as that job as it was before but it's uses are there. Also works as a last-minute anti-air attack due it's speed. This attack is not safe if someone blocks it on the ground. This is a move you may want to be careful with, although not for too long as by this guy's standards it caps quickly (155%).
    • Damage: 4% / 4% / 6% / 8%
  • Down Strong Attack: Lucario does a low kick. Not really notable, but the range is way more than you would think and it's a really fast low lag attack. Good amount of active frames also; works well to stab shields or poke them. Aura caps at 143%; one of the fastest attacks to reach it's cap.
    • Damage: 4% / 5% / 7% / 9%
  • Dash Attack: Lucario lands on the ground while attacking with one of his feet. This is not an Aura attack. Despite having that useful property, sadly the rest of the move isn't too notable. It provides a good pop up that can allow for some juggles on really low armor fighters but the ending lag makes this a bit harder to accomplish on higher armor ones. Naturally (it's a dash attack, why else would this be so) is a really easy attack to shieldgrab.
    • Damage: 7%

Smash AttacksEdit

  • Side Smash Attack: Lucario leans back and waves his paws around, then pushes himself and his arms forward for a huge aura blast. This attack becomes stronger if the victim touches near the end of the aura blast hitbox. Lucario's Side Smash, quite simply, is extremely slow and also really hard to find use for in a combo. However, what it lacks in speed and comboability it makes up for in a variety of aspects. At high percents, it is EXTREMELY powerful, being capable of killing several characters below 60% when charged and 100% uncharged and is Lucario's strongest attack that does not use any meter. The hitbox on this attack is huge and it can nullify some projectiles depending on Lucario's aura: Base Lucario can only nullify -1 priority ones, at 60% this can nullify 0 priority, 118% it nullifies 1 priority and at 182% this is one of the only normals in the game that can destroy 2 priorities like Mewtwo's full charge Shadow Ball. This move also has shorter recovery than Lucario's other Smashes and pushes opponents back really far making it actually pretty safe. This is definitely a move you may have to do some match-up research for in order to use well.
    • Damage Sour Uncharged: 9% / 11% / 14% / 19% at 160%
    • Damage Sour Charged: 13% / 15% / 20% / 27% at 165%
    • Damage Sweet Uncharged: 11% / 12% / 17% / 22% at 165%
    • Damage Sweet Charged: 15% / 17% / 23% / 31% at 167%
  • Up Smash Attack: Lucario crouches then blasts a burst of aura right above him. Lucario's fastest Smash Attack and by far the easiest one to land in a combo or a juggle. It's also much easier to land on the ground now since it has a slight horizontal hitbox that hits right next to Lucario now, especially for right infront of Lucario. Not that you should frequently use this as a dashing Up Smash thanks to the recovery, but it has uses. This is probably best used as an anti-air as it's decent powerful, has a massive vertical hitbox and lasts an absolute TON of time. Has some mild sex kick properties, being much stronger when it starts and weak near the end of active frames. This also has projectile nullification properties that work similarly to the Side Smash ones; useful to stop downward hitting projectiles like Phazon Beam.
    • Damage Uncharged Initial: 9% / 10% / 13% / 18% at 167%
    • Damage Charged Initial: 12% / 14% / 19% / 25% at 164%
    • Damage Uncharged Late: 6% / 7% / 9% / 12% at 155%
    • Damage Charged Late: 8% / 10% / 13% / 17% at 158%
  • Down Smash Attack: Lucario blasts both his paws downward for aura blasts; one hitting on each side. A middle ground in terms of speed and power between the Up Smash and Forward Smash but has really bad recovery; even at maximum aura this isn't too safe. You may want to utilize the good range / hitbox and high power for a Down Smash though.
    • Damage Uncharged: 9% / 11% / 14% / 19% at 160%
    • Damage Charged: 13% / 15% / 20% / 27% at 165%

Aerial MovesEdit

  • Neutral Aerial: Lucario twirls around with both his hands covered in aura energy. This is a really quick attack with a huge amount of ending lag in the air; if air dodged is not safe at all. Landing lag is nigh non existant though, plus the horizontal hitbox is nice and when Lucario's damaged this becomes decently strong. You may find use for this as a defensive / spacing attack. Gets a bit weaker when it's out for a while. Aura strength cap is 162% initially but turns to 143% when it hits late.
    • Damage Initial: 7% / 8% / 11% / 15%
    • Damage Late: 4% / 5% / 7% / 9%
  • Forward Aerial: Lucario does a high kick. It's no longer capable of hitting opponents behind Lucario, but otherwise has a great hitbox with far forward range and some downward hit capability. This is a fast attack with good recovery on both land and air end. It's always, even at maximum aura, really weak so it's easy to stuff a lot of these inside combos for when you don't think something stronger and more damaging is going to hit. Aura caps for this at 170%.
    • Damage: 3% / 4% / 5% / 7%
  • Back Aerial: Lucario performs a back hand punch. High amount of active frames can someone justify the amount of start-up and heavy landing lag. The range, high aura power (one of Lucario's strongest moves with good aura backing it) and high amount of active probably make it best used as a edgeguarding or spacing attack and is one of Lucario's best defensive normal attacks. Like the Nair, strongest at it's initial hitbox appearance and gets a bit weaker from there.
    • Damage Initial: 8% / 9% / 12% / 16% at 155%
    • Damage Late: 6% / 7% / 9% / 12% at 155% (yeah, both cap at same time)
  • Up Aerial: Lucario performs another high kick, except this one is aimed almost directly at the sky. The hitbox on this thing is crazy good; covers Lucario's entire body basically. Also starts and ends fairly quickly. Lucario players will probably find this most used defensively to protect themselves, but this does have some decent uses in juggles at all aura levels and at high ones works exceptionally well to land vertical knockouts. Nice attack. Aura caps at 170%.
    • Damage: 7% / 8% / 10% / 14%
  • Down Aerial: Lucario drops down with one of his hands to hit with the spike on it. This is not an aura-based attack. This attack is really slow to start (frame 16) but it has 20 active frames and only 4 recovery; pretty nice. Landing lag is bad though. Frames 28-36 can be canceled into a double jump, but unlike a lot of attacks this is on whiff exclusively. A decent approach option and defender against anti-air attacks due to the double jump cancel. It has alright knockback and damage, but it's really more of a defensive attack than an offensive one.
    • Damage: 13%

Grabs and ThrowsEdit

  • Grab: Quick swipe. Range isn't good, but not bad. At least not as bad as it was. Dash grab is better; not as good as that used to be though. Lucario's pivot is the slowest of these three but has even more range than his dash grab; useful.
  • Pummel: Sends a pulse of aura into the foe's body. Insanely fast but extremely weak initally not even doing 1% with one pummel; if you can grab someone with aura though this is really big on damage.
    • Damage: 1% every two strikes; 3% at 170% (!)
  • Forward Throw: Lucario throws the foe straight with some aura backing the throw. Really fast animation that provides basically no DI time and at higher aura becomes extremely powerful; Lucario's strongest ground throw and also one of the most powerful forward throws in the game. 162% cap for aura this move has.
    • Damage: 7% / 8% / 11% / 15%
  • Back Throw: Lucario slams the foe into the ground behind him, launching them. One of Lucario's two throws not Aura boosted makes a decent combo starter and really high percent killer.
    • Damage: 10%
  • Up Throw: Lucario throws the opponent upward with some aura backing the throw. Great for juggles as the knockback is just about always terrible and probably the throw you'll go for at high percents when not going for the get-off-the-stage attack or a kill. 155% is when it caps.
    • Damage: 4% / 5% / 6% / 8%
  • Down Throw: Lucario slams the foe into the ground. Useful at low percents for some juggles and mix-ups. This leaves you in a positive position regardless but what you can do with this really depends on how the opponent DIs. The Up Throw starts becoming a better choice over this at higher percents.
    • Damage: 10%
  • Air Throw: Lucario grabs the foe by the neck and punches them in the face with aura. Actually a modified version of Force Palm from Brawl; it's a bit stronger at weak aura but is one of the most powerful air throws in the game with strong aura. Lucario's air throw also has good range.
    • Damage: 9% / 10% / 13% / 18% at 167%

Special and Super MovesEdit

Standard Special Move: Aura SphereEdit

Arguably Lucario's staple attack. This has Lucario begin to charge up a huge blue sphere of aura energy from his hands that can be released by pressing Special again. You can also cancel the charge by shielding, roll dodging or air dodging to maintain it, plus the sphere will hit characters while it charges.

This move works very similarly to Mewtwo's Shadow Ball. Lucario's Aura Sphere has faster start-up but a little more recovery time. It also starts off with more power, but deals a little less damage than Shadow Ball at full charge. Also note that Lucario's Aura Spheres, regardless of strength, will not disappear: they will travel full stage distance and only absorbing, being hit by / getting your shield hit by one or some other contact method will get rid of one.

The full charge version is also great in fireball wars since it has really high priority for a meterless projectile at 2. Combine it with moderate speed and you've got a really deadly defensive attack. Low charge versions are good to pester the opponent and keep a shield up.

Aura Sphere is not safe at low charge. Only at maximum or close to maximum charge it is safe if regular shielded. This is another thing Shadow Ball has over this.

One special technique to note is the Reverse Aura Sphere. While almost everyone can do a reverse standard special move by tapping Special then immediately tapping the other direction Lucario's is notable for some other reasons. Unlike Shadow Ball, this reverses Lucario's jump animation to effectively make an undo of a direction jump. Ledge mix-ups and anti-air baits are some good uses for this technique and it's quite useful when you do not have a fully charge sphere at your hand.

A great projectile overall and still a staple of Lucario's game.

This attack does 5-26% depending on how much it was charged. About 1% is dealt for each hit Lucario deals with the charge.

Smash Special Version: Charges up slightly faster if you don't have as such already, travels three times faster and has very weak homing properties. Recovery is also reduced by 3 frames. The speed, quite simply, makes this insane against other fireballs or as a general long range punish. Damage and knockback are the same as the regular version.

Side Special Move: Counter / Mirror CoatEdit

Lucario enters a defensive pose and moves his arms around. If anyone touches Lucario from the direction he's facing, he'll perform a counter attack slide. Holding the Special button will make Lucario's eyes glow yellow and he'll instead counter projectile attacks (this is Mirror Coat) that have 1 priority or less by unleashing a Vacuum Wave that will disappear at 3/4 Final Destination distance.

The main fix to this move from Brawl is that it puts the opponent in counter stun similarly to the Fire Emblem characters' counters. This makes it much harder to avoid the counter attack.

The new problem with this that you have to guess where an attack is coming from. This is one of the rare things in Smash Bros. where cross-ups, vital mix-up tools in other fighting games, are actually pretty useful. Attacks that can be made very ambiguous as to which way to counter, namely a lot of stomp-style Dairs, can be very difficult to counter. Due to this it's generally not a good idea to use this as anti-air: stick to countering ground attacks.

The projectile version is obviously useful to control fireball wars against characters with good but not high priority projectiles / beams. In particular this is very useful against Dark Samus and Falco. As noted above, the range is not quite infinite so make sure you know where you are before countering a projectile.

Both Counter and Mirror Coat, if successful, will have Lucario himself take about 25% the damage the attack he countered dealt. This stops at 182%. This helps to both attack and beef Lucario up at once. Also great is that the damage Lucario receives does count as an opponent attack, so Lucario's Clash Attack Meter gets filled a bit more with this property available.

This attack does 7% / 8% / 10% / 14% + 25% of what the original attack did.

Smash Special Version: Counter will now work against attacks that hit Lucario from anywhere. Mirror Coat will now counter just about every projectile that isn't a Clash Attack or a Final Smash. Both versions will also deal an extra 2% compared to the regular counterpart and will not damage Lucario if used successfully. Against the really high priority (Mewtwo Shadow Ball, your own Aura Sphere, Thunder, etc.) this can be good as well as an anti-air due to no ambiguous guess blabber. Decent attack.

Up Special Move: ExtremeSpeedEdit

Lucario stops for a moment then dashes in a direction of your desire. The path can be 'bended' to create a more curvy, difficult to attack through path, plus Lucario can cling onto walls during it.

Useful as a recovery move thanks to the features about as well as the good distance it goes and really large sweetspot for grabbing ledges. A new perk to this move is the ability to use it as an attack; Lucario's dash now hits once for a high knockback and damage attack that is not aura modified. The real good part about this is that, like in the Pokemon games, the priority is insane: It's one of the highest priority attacks in the game, beating out several Final Smashes.

Lucario isn't invincible though. Super armor attacks and invincibility frame, high active frame attacks can easily bust through this if you want to use it offensively. The best offensive use is to punish slow whiffed attacks like Smash attacks and the like which usually aren't going to smash through this.

It has uses offensively, but if you use it as such don't get predictable with it. Still makes a great recovery move though which is it's primary use.

This attack does 14%.

Smash Special Version: Gains throw invincibility and starts on frame 3. The knockback and damage are slightly lower (now 12%) but that speed makes this even better as a punisher attack. You can punish a huge amount of things with this move after you block even somewhat unsafe attacks. Be aware of the fact this move is still unsafe. Possibly the most useful Smash Special for Lucario.

Down Special Move: EndureEdit

  • Does not cancel into Close Combat.
  • Not Clash Cancel-able until it hits 3 Hits stage.
  • Ground only; cannot be done in the air.

You need to hold the Special Button for this to work properly; just tapping it gets you a hop that does nothing whatsoever in the air. Anyway this makes Lucario gets in a pose similar to his Side Smash charging animation. During this time, Lucario will take up to three attacks whose armor / hitstun total is 0.500. Lucario will still take damage from the attacks, but he will not flinch from them. Releasing the Special button or just waiting 5 seconds has Lucario retaliate with a very fast punching attack with different effects depending on how many attacks he absorbed:

  • 0 Hits: The punch is extremely weak and barely stuns; very unsafe even if it hits.
  • 1 Hits: The punch provides little options for things to do afterwards, but it does leave Lucario at a slight frame advantage on hit. Extremely unsafe if shielded still.
  • 2 Hits: The punch puts Lucario at +13 frame advantage on hit allowing for better follow-up options, although at moderate disadvantage on shield.
  • 3 Hits: The punch becomes unblockable and dizzies for 30 frames on hit regardless of hitstun decay. Against airborne opponents it breaks air dodges and puts them in an unrecoverable freefall state. This is the only version of the move that can be Clash Canceled.
  • 4 Hits+: If you try to absorb more than you can, Lucario become dizzied for 30 frames instead of the opponent.
  • Try to absorb something you can't altogether, even if it is the 4th potential stored hit: Move of your opponent's works like it usually does.

Attacks that are not endure-able: Most Clash Attacks (yes there are exceptions), every Final Smash, throws obviously, King Dedede's dash attack, some side smashes (like Bowser's) at full charge, Thunder, 3 priority or higher projectiles (This does, though, mean Shadow Ball / Aura Sphere / Mega Buster / Charge Shot ARE endure-able, except the EX versions of them), Smash Special dragon punch attacks like Shoryuken and Shuttle Loop, counters (should you cancel a normal into this move or something) gliding attacks, attacks that put the opponent in an unrecoverable, freefall state like Ryu's Jodan Sokotou Geri, any move with the armor breakthrough property (does same hitstun against every character), possibly others

That list may seem long, but there is really a huge amount of stuff Lucario can absorb and punish the foe severely. This is a key attack in the offense for a rushdown Lucario player; especailly the Smash Special version. The ability to absorb attacks and essentially make yourself more powerful at the same time is something everyone wishes they'd have, although it is EXTREMELY risky: Everyone has at least two ways (Final Smash and throws) of breaking this and this is extremely hard to use against characters with many low lag or multi-hit attacks like Fox.

Lucario can also jump, put a shield up or dash while charging, but he cannot cancel the punch into any of these maneuvers, so if you want you can just absorb attacks with it for aura. Note that unlike Counter / Mirror Coat, you will still take damage with this after 182%, so this can just make you easier to kill if you use it at high enough percentages.

Overall one of the most unique and arguably most useful attacks in the game.

0 absorbs does 3%, 1 absorb does 6%, 2 absorbs does 10%, 3 absorbs does 15%.

Smash Special Version: This version can be performed in the air and causes Lucario to float while charging. It can also take fives hit with stages for hits 4 / 5 working the same as 3 except for more dizzy time (36 frames / 3 seconds (!)). The latter provides you more than enough time to, instead of Clash Canceling the punch and then go into a finisher, just slam the opponent with a fully charged Side Smash. Also note that hits 4 and 5 absorbed will not deal damage to Lucario.

... however, if you absorb 6 hits or more, you receive an inverse penalty like the regular version's 4 hit plus version: YOU receive the 3 second stun and the opponent can do anything to capitalize on it.

4 absorbs does 16%, 5 absorbs does 20%.

Clash Attack: Close CombatEdit

Lucario performs several close-up punching and kicking attacks ending in a powerful Sky Uppercut.

This can only connect right up close but it's fast and has some invincibility on start-up as well as the last uppercut. It easily combos off something like jab hits or a low-charge Aura Sphere up close, but otherwise this is a bit difficult. Lucario falling steadily during the attacks when used in the air makes this even harder.

Not the best Clash Attack out there due to the horrible range, but it is fast with power. You may find some use for it, but Lucario's meter is much better spent on Smash Specials.

This attack does 16 hits. The first 15 do 1% each and the uppercut does 15% for a total of 30%.

Final Smash 1: Aura StormEdit

  • Requires at least half his Super Smash Meter to be filled. Unlike other Final Smashes, the SSM fill does not actually effect the attack.
  • Done with Down, Down Forward, Forward + Special + Attack.

Lucario mutters "WATCH THE POWER OF AURA!" while quickly jumping up slightly and then blasting a huge beam of aura energy. This beam can be angled with the control stick / pad / whatever you're using. This is Lucario's Final Smash which has a straight impact from the aura system.

This is much faster than it was in Brawl and the beam also moves much faster for people who want to dodge it. The knockback is usually nice on this too, except there is one major problem with it.

Final Smashes are usually used as comeback attacks after losing stocks, and this is an aura attack. If you want to get anything out of this you're going to need some damage, and doing that willingly with Lucario when your opponent knows a Final Smash is charged. Due to the disadvantage boosts, though, you may find yourself getting a decent strength beam to fire at your opponent regardless; works great as a punisher and it's not horribly difficult to combo into.

A good Final Smash that takes some mind messing and damage manipulation in order to use properly.

Damage is over 13 hits, with 44% / 58% / 82% / 117% being possible values.

Final Smash 2: ReversalEdit

  • Requires his entire Super Smash Meter to be filled.
  • Done by pressing Attack + Special immediately after shielding or sidestep dodging an attack up close. This means you can only use the attack as a reversal, natch.
  • Damage is dependant on Lucario's damage, but this is not an Aura attack.

Lucario becomes surrounded by blue spheres of aura and then assaults anyone who is by him while yelling "The aura is with myself!" Yeah, it can hit anyone right next to Lucario, even if they did not attack one of his defensive maneuvers. This attack is blockable and not an air dodge breaker, so it is still possible for someone to avoid this attack.

Lucario doesn't have any attacks with invincibility frames or usually enough start-up, save SS-ExtremeSpeed, to really function well as a... yeah. This, on the other hand, only has 3+0 start-up (3 frames before the Final Smash close-up shot, 0 frames afterward) and 5 frames invincibility. This attack can also be performed 10 frames before the shieldstun from an attack ends which also helps to make this a good punisher; it's not like you can reliably punish, say, jabs with this, but a lot of stuff can be punished. The range on this isn't spectacular however so anyone who knows their spacing extremely well can just attack you out of range; many weapon attacks as well as huge range, low recovery attacks like Ryu's down strong work well for this.

Like the Pokémon game reversal, how strong this is depends on how damaged Lucario is. At low percents this is absurdly weak; many of Lucario's normal attacks are more powerful. Closer to 100%, the knockback is still weak but the damage becomes high allowing you to just hit the opponent a couple more times. If you can master your defensive skills to survive at high percents, you may want to find a way to kill your opponent for a stock reset then use this to counter their next attack for a very early KO. You'll have a ton of damage and thus will be killed by just about anything, but if you can get the one bait off you're in a really good position. A chart for what knockback / damage looks like:

  • Lucario at 0%: Deals 5% and KOs Mario (from center of Final Destination) at 400% (useless; terribly unsafe on hit).
  • Lucario at 10%: Deals 10% and KOs Mario at 250% (also useless; unsafe on hit).
  • Lucario at 25%: Deals 17% and KOs Mario at 170% (not terrible; becomes safe on hit).
  • Lucario at 50%: Deals 25% and KOs Mario at 120% (decent).
  • Lucario at 75%: Deals 40% and KOs Mario at 91% (good).
  • Lucario at 100%: Deals 60% and KOs Mario at 68% (great).
  • Lucario at 125%: Deals 85% and KOs Mario at 48% (really good).
  • Lucario at 150%: Deals 120% and KOs Mario at 30% (fantastic)
  • Lucario at 200%: Deals 170% and Kos Mario at 15% (incredible; really limits the opponent's option. Deals about 75% to Bowser shield).
  • Lucario at 250%: Deals 230% and KOs Mario at 2% (crazy powerful; huge game changer. deals 90% damage to Bowser shield).
  • Lucario at 300%: Deals 300% and KOs everyone from 0% (overkill, much, but It's The Only Way To Be Sure. Also breaks Bowser's shield from full power).

It is very difficult to survive to the point of getting a really useful Reversal plus your other Aura-based attacks may be effective around those percentages. The speed and invincibility make this one of the best counters in the game though and anyone not prepared is going to eat something big.

Neither of these Final Smashes are the most reliable attacks out there so pick what you want more: Versatility or option limits on the other fighter. Can be a tough choice in some match-ups.


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  • Lucario's air throw is very similar to his old Side B, Force Palm. The ironic part is that Force Palm, in Brawl, could not grab opponents in the air; when used in the air you would always get the energy blast version.

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