Names are a feature in Super Smash Bros. Clash. They work much like they do in Brawl, but there are some changes. Offline, as always this is entirely optional.

Now, names can be set to 7 characters, the same cap as the player's name in English Pokémon games. They can also have their own controls set in the Options under "Names".

Names do have a few new features though, in particular, there are quite a few gameplay-related options you can toggle regarding them, such as:

  • For Ryu, using his old Street Fighter-style inputs for his moves. (such as QCF + Special for his Hadoken)
  • Whether to have Taunts on or off. This lets you use the D-pad for inputting Clash Attack / Final Smash motions.
  • In friendly Wi-Fi matches, you can also set different Taunt messages to each of your names.

Upon logging on to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection for the first time you'll still have to input a name, though. This is displayed in all matches now though, meaning it actually does appear in the random modes. You can turn this off in the settings for Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.