In Super Smash Bros. Clash, each character has their own set of colors, much like in previous games. However, now each character begins with 6 colors and has 4 more and an alternate costume.

The main color schemes are Red, Blue, Green, Black, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Dark Cyan / Teal, Cyan, White, Brown, Pink and Gray. Red, Blue and Green are mandatory for each character due to the team system.

Each character's final 4 standard colors are unlocked are unlocked by clearing 100-Soldier Clash. The alternate color, which comes with all 10 schemes, is unlocked by clearing a character's Challenge Wall. Wario and Waluigi are exceptions, however. Both of them come with their alternate, but with only 6 costumes. They have to get their alternate's final 4 costumes by clearing the Challenge Wall.

Assists also have alternate costumes, although they only have 4 each. Colors for assists are selected by buttons: Attack gets you color 1, Special gets you color 2, Shield or Grab get you color 3 and Jump or Taunt get you color 4.

Visual forms will be done soon enough.

Playable CharactersEdit


Mario's standard look is... oh come on, you should know. Seriously.

Mario's alternate costume is not yet known.


  1. Red shirt, blue overalls, brown shoes (Red, Default)
  2. White shirt, red overalls, light brown shoes (White, Fire Mario)
  3. Blue shirt, red overalls, black shoes (Blue, Jumpman)
  4. Yellow shirt, purple overalls, green shoes (Yellow, Wario)
  5. Whit shirt, black overalls, blue shoes (Black, Foreman Spike)
  6. Green shirt, brown overalls, maroon shoes (Green, Inverse of 1)
  7. Orange shirt, slate blue overalls, gray shoes (Orange, somewhat based off Eario)
  8. Black shirt, purple overalls, brown shoes (Purple, Waluigi inverse)
  9. Purple shirt, pink overalls, white shoes (Pink)
  10. Black shirt, dark gray hat, silver overalls, brown shoes (Gray, Dr. Mario-themed scheme)


Luigi's first costume should be one you know by now.

Luigi's second alternate has him in a gi, similar to Ken Masters, but he keeps his cap for some reason. Color schemes for this version are based off the Ken from Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix.

Most people would think Mr. L would be Luigi's alternate costume, but he isn't. Don't worry, because Mr. L does appear in the game with Luigi's moveset!


  1. Green shirt, blue with purple tint overalls (Green, Default)
  2. Orange shirt, teal overalls (Orange)
  3. Pink shirt, red overalls (Red)
  4. Cyan shirt, purple overalls (Blue)
  5. White shirt, green overalls (White, Fire Luigi)
  6. Purple shirt, black overalls (Purple, Waluigi)
  7. Navy shirt, yellow overalls (Yellow, Wario inverse)
  8. Brown shirt, gray overalls (Brown)
  9. Cyan shirt, red overalls (Cyan)
  10. Black shirt, magenta overalls (Pink)


  1. Green gi (Green)
  2. Red gi (Red)
  3. Navy gi (Black)
  4. Purple gi (Purple)
  5. White gi (White)
  6. Yellow gi (Orange)
  7. Dark cyan gi (Blue)
  8. Tan gi (Yellow)
  9. Dark tan gi (Brown)
  10. Pale red gi (Pink)


Bowser's appearance mostly resembles his one from Brawl, but has been slightly modified to more resemble his Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story incarnation, namely the slightly more muscular arms.

HIs alternate is Dry Bowser, who was at one point a scrapped Master Fighter. Dry Bowser uses the same appearance it used in Mario Kart Wii and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games.


  1. Green shell, red hair, gold skin, black bands (Green, Default)
  2. Black shell, dark red hair, dark brown skin, black bands (Black)
  3. Red shell, yellow hair, orange skin, black bands (Red)
  4. Blue shell, gold hair, green skin, pitch black bands (Blue)
  5. Silver shell, brown hair, dark gray skin, silver bands (Gray)
  6. Orange shell, dark brown hair, brown skin, gray bands (Brown)
  7. Navy shell, black hair, blue skin, black bands (Purple, Dark Bowser)
  8. Dark brown shell, cream hair, magenta skin, black bands (Pink, Midbus)
  9. Slate blue shell, red hair, mauve skin, black bands (Dark Cyan, small Giga Bowser)
  10. Lime shell, orange hair, pink skin, green bands (Orange, Super Mario Bros. 3 NES Bowser)


  1. Black / red shell, white skeleton, red hair, maroon bands (White, Default)
  2. White / red shell, black skeleton, red hair, gray bands (Black)
  3. Dark cyan / red shell, dark green skeleton, orange hair, black bands (Green)
  4. Blue / black shell, light yellow skeleton, gold hair, pitch black bands (Yellow)
  5. Red / black shell, light orange skeleton, brown hair, dark gray bands (Red)
  6. Green / gray shell, light blue skeleton, green hair, black bands (Blue)
  7. Gray / red shell, brown skeleton, brown hair, white bands with black spikes (Brown)
  8. Dark blue / black shell, dark cyan skeleton, red hair, black bands (Dark Cyan)
  9. Dark red / black shell, dark purple skeleton, yellow hair, black bands (Purple)
  10. Mauve / red shell, gray skeleton, red hair, olive bands (Gray)

Donkey KongEdit

Donkey Kong still has nothing... aside from the tie, anyway.

Note that all of Donkey Kong's first 6 colors resemble ones from Donkey Kong 64.


  1. Brown fur, red tie (Brown, Default)
  2. Black fur, yellow tie (Black)
  3. Red fur, blue tie (Red)
  4. Blue fur, pink tie (Blue)
  5. Green fur, pale red tie (Green)
  6. White fur, light red (White)
  7. Dark orange fur, purple tie (Orange)
  8. Gold fur, black tie (Yellow)
  9. Dark purple fur, red tie (Purple)
  10. Light blue fur, brown tie (Cyan)

Funky KongEdit

Funky Kong's main appearance is from Mario Kart Wii, and a lot of games released around the time that game came out, really.

Funky's alternate resembles Guile from Street Fighter. Funky keeps his muscle shirt and the glasses, but the glasses are now orange on all costumes. He trades in the shorts for a pair of camouflage pants and army boots. Funky's fur and bandanna stay the same color in all costumes, as well, although the fur is slightly tinted toward the representing colors. The actual colors are based off Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix.


  1. Light brown fur, white shirt, dark cyan pants, purple glasses, red / white bandanna (White, Default)
  2. Black fur, light black shirt, olive pants, silver glasses, gray bandanna (Black)
  3. Pale green fur, green shirt, red pants, green glasses, white / red bandanna (Green)
  4. Red fur, olive shirt, magenta pants, pink glasses, orange / white bandanna (Red)
  5. Blue fur, cyan shirt, orange pants, light blue glasses, blue / red bandanna (Blue)
  6. Brown fur, dark tan shirt, pale red pants, red glasses, pale red / white bandanna (Brown)
  7. Dark orange fur, orange shirt, purple pants, orange glasses, brown / white bandanna (Orange)
  8. Gray fur, dark gray shirt, white pants, black glasses, gray / white bandanna (Gray, loosely resembles King Kong from the 2005 version of the film)
  9. Pale brown fur, silver shirt, yellow pants, purple glasses, red / white bandanna (Yellow, Donkey Kong Country 3 Funky Kong)
  10. Light purple fur, light blue purple fur, pink pants, light purple glasses, pink / purple bandanna (Pink)


  1. Green clothes (Green)
  2. Tan clothes (Orange)
  3. Blue clothes (Blue)
  4. Magenta clothes (Pink)
  5. Silver clothes (White)
  6. Red clothes (Red)
  7. Navy clothes (Dark Cyan)
  8. Yellow clothes (Yellow)
  9. Blue purple clothes (Purple)
  10. Orange shirt, green pants (Cyan, Charlie)


Samus still wears the Varia Suit in Clash. It's design, however, has been very very slightly modified to more resemble how it appears in the Metroid Prime games, namely the shoulders.


  1. Orange / light tan suit, red base, green aura (Orange, Default)
  2. Light blue / yellow suit, magenta base, cyan aura (Blue, Fusion Suit)
  3. Pink / tan suit, red base, cyan (lighter than above) aura (Red)
  4. Brown / silver suit suit, brown base, red aura (Brown, Dark Suit)
  5. Purple / light tan suit, red base, cyan (same as Main #3) aura (Purple, Gravity Suit)
  6. Green / light tan suit, red base, lime / cyan mix aura (Green)
  7. Black shoulders, legs and armors, silver base and thighs, red trim / aura (Black, Phazon Suit)
  8. White suit, white base, white aura (White, Light Suit)
  9. Dark cyan / light tan suit, maroon base, green aura (Dark Cyan)
  10. Brown / light orange suit, black base, pink aura (Orange)


Ridley's model is identical to his Brawl one, although it's obviously much smaller.


  1. Purple skin, pale orange wings, yellow eyes, tan claws (Purple, Default)
  2. Red-orange skin, yellow-orange wings, orange eyes, yellows claws (Red, Super Metroid artwork)
  3. Light blue skin, light green wings, black eyes, cyan claws (Blue, Metroid artwork)
  4. Black skin, red wings, yellow / red eyes, white claws (Black, Metroid: Zero Mission)
  5. Green skin, white wings, green / red eyes, pink claws (Green, Christmas Ridley)
  6. Olive skin, silver wings, yellow eyes, gold claws (Yellow)
  7. Magenta skin, black wings, brown eyes, cream claws (Pink)
  8. Orange skin / red bones, yellow wings, lime eyes, orange claws (Orange, Samus color scheme)
  9. Silver skin, white wings, pupil-less black eyes, gray claws (White, Dry Ridley)
  10. Dark cyan skin, pale orange wings, purple eyes, silver claws (Dark Cyan)

Dark SamusEdit

Dark Samus uses primarily her color scheme and design from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption with a couple elements (such as the dotted shoulders) being taken from her design in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.


  1. White aura, blue / cyan suit, dark blue shoulders (Blue, Default)
  2. Silver aura, black / dark gray suit, blue shoulders (Black, Metroid Prime 2 Design)
  3. Yellow aura, red / orange suit, green shoulders (Red)
  4. Orange aura, purple / light purple suit, red shoulders (Purple)
  5. White aura, dark olive / olive suit, gray shoulders (Yellow)
  6. Cyan aura, dark green / green suit, silver shoulders (Green)
  7. Red aura, gray / silver suit, black shoulders (Gray)
  8. Light orange aura, brown / light brown suit, orange shoulders (Brown)
  9. Green aura, silver / white suit, tan shoulders (White)
  10. Dark blue aura, dark cyan / lighter dark cyan shade suit, gold shoulders (Dark Cyan)


Yoshi stays the same. He keeps his cartoonly look from 64 and Brawl.

8 of Yoshi's standard colors originate from the Yoshis in Yoshi's Story. The last two were also in Yoshi's Story, but only as a cameo. Also new is that Yoshi's eggs coloring is changed to the color of the Yoshi. Yoshi's back scales and saddle are orange and red, respectively, on all colors except the final.

Yoshi's alternate has him look like Boshi from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, complete with glasses, claws coming out of his shoes and spike collar. Shoes, saddle and spike collar share a color, but the spikes vary. Yoshi's voice while wearing this costume is slightly darker, as well.


  1. Green skin, red shoes (Green, Default)
  2. Red skin, blue shoes (Red)
  3. Blue skin, magenta shoes (Blue)
  4. Yellow skin, green shoes (Yellow)
  5. Cyan skin, purple shoes (Cyan)
  6. Pink skin, yellow shoes (Pink)
  7. Black skin, white shoes (Black)
  8. White skin, cyan shoes (White)
  9. Brown skin, green shoes (Brown)
  10. Purple skin, pink shoes (Purple)


  1. Blue skin, red shoes, white spikes, black glasses (Blue)
  2. Red skin, green shoes, gold spikes, red glasses (Red)
  3. Dark green skin, purple shoes, lime spikes, black glasses (Green)
  4. Gold skin, lime shoes, silver spikes, bronze glasses (Yellow, references to the colors of 1st/2nd/3rd/4th place in a few Mario Kart, namely Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
  5. Navy skin, dark cyan shoes, brown spikes, dark cyan glasses (Cyan)
  6. Black skin, white shoes, black spikes, red glasses (Black)
  7. Maroon skin, orange shoes, yellow spikes, brown glasses (Brown)
  8. Magenta skin, black shoes, white spikes, green glasses (Pink)
  9. White (tan tint) skin, cyan shoes, red spikes, purple glasses (White)
  10. Dark orange skin, brown shoes, cyan spikes, blue glasses (Orange)


Kirby is still unchanged from... Melee, let alone Brawl. Do you really add detail to a circle with feet, arms, and eyes?

Many of Kirby's colors are based off schemes for when Kirby has certain copy abilities and also from the various paints in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror.


  1. Pink body, red shoes (Pink, Default)
  2. Yellow body, orange shoes (Yellow, Keeby)
  3. Red body, red shoes (Red)
  4. Green body, dark orange shoes (Green)
  5. Ice blue body, blue shoes (Blue)
  6. White body, black shoes (White)
  7. Dark gray body, black shoes (Black, Shadow Kirby from Kirby & the Amazing Mirror)
  8. Mauve body, brown shoes (Brown)
  9. Orange body, cream shoes (Orange)
  10. Blue body, purple shoes (Purple, Maskless Meta Knight)

Meta KnightEdit

Meta Knight is mostly unchanged from Brawl. Except for being a game breaker no longer. Note that cape colors apply to his wings as well.


  1. Silver mask, yellow eyes, blue skin, black / yellow armor, silver wing hold, purple / yellow cape, purple shoes (Purple, Default)
  2. White mask, peach eyes, white skin, white / yellow armor, white wind hold, tan / dark tan cape, light yellow shoes (White)
  3. Red / pink mask, light yellow eyes, red skin, red / yellow armor, orange wind hold, dark red / peach cape, light orange shoes (Red)
  4. White (green tint) mask, light green eyes, green skin, teal / slate blue armor, pale green wing hold, green / gold cape, mauve shoes (Green)
  5. Light blue mask, red eyes, blue skin, blue / rusty silver armor, magenta wing hold, dark blue / magenta cape, dark brown shoes (Blue)
  6. White mask, white eyes, pink skin, purple / gold armor, yellow / pink wing hold, magenta / light blue cape, red shoes, silver sword with cyan center (Pink, Masked Kirby)
  7. Light purple mask, gray eyes, purple skin, purple / silver armor (no Meta Knight symbol), gray wind hold, black / red cape, blood red shoes (Gray, Dark Meta Knight)
  8. Black mask, brown eyes, pitch black skin, black / teal slightly broken armor, teal wing hold, torn up black / cyan cape, dark brown shoes, red sword with gray center (Black, Darker Meta Knight)
  9. Blue mask, white eyes, light blue skin, red / yellow armor, yellow wind hold, red / yellow cape, yellow shoes (Yellow, King Dedede-style Meta Knight)
  10. Cyan mask, lime eyes, pine green skin, yellow / olive armor, white wing hold, teal / gold cape, green shoes (Dark Cyan)


Mewtwo's appearance is similar to it's Super Smash Bros. Melee look with some graphical upgrades, nothing too special.

Mewtwo's alternate hails from Pokémon: The First Movie, where at the start of the film, it wore a coat of armor while it was still being held by Team Rocket. Mewtwo's Alternate colors all have Mewtwo himself in the coloring of the main costumes respective color. (ie alt #7 has white skin and a cyan tail)


  1. Gray skin, purple tail (White, Default)
  2. White (yellow tint) skin, orange tail (Yellow)
  3. Gray skin, green tail (Green, Shiny)
  4. White (blue tint) skin, blue tail (Blue)
  5. Pink skin, red tail (Red)
  6. Tan skin, brown tail (Brown)
  7. White skin, cyan tail (Cyan)
  8. Red skin, purple tail (Pink, Magnetotwo)
  9. Cyan skin, navy tail (Dark Cyan)
  10. Dark gray skin, black tail, red eyes (Black, Rocket Mewtwo)


  1. Gray armor (Gray)
  2. Gold armor (Gold)
  3. Emerald armor (Green)
  4. Sapphire armor (Blue)
  5. Ruby armor (Red)
  6. Bronze armor (Brown)
  7. Diamond armor (Cyan)
  8. Pink armor (Pink)
  9. Dark cyan armor (Dark Cyan)
  10. Black armor, "R" placed on suit's head (Black)


Lucario is mostly as it appears in Brawl. Yeah. It's third and fifth costumes have been changed to have less resemblance to the first costume and each other, though.


  1. Blue fur, tan chest, white spikes (Blue)
  2. Purple fur, red chest, gray spikes (Red)
  3. Navy fur, cyan chest, dark tan spikes (Cyan)
  4. Silver fur, silver chest, yellow spikes (White)
  5. Dark cyan fur (darker than Brawl), green chest, tan spikes (Green)
  6. Yellow fur, dark cyan chest, slate blue spikes (Yellow, Shiny)
  7. Black fur, red chest, gray spikes (Black)
  8. Pink fur, gray skin, white spikes (Gray)
  9. Blood red fur, orange chest, brown spikes (Brown)
  10. White (pink tint) fur, sapphire chest, silver spikes (Pink)


Zoroark is probably the most menacing looking of the Pokémon Rivalry. It's model has been given touches akin to Lucario's in the transition to 2D to 3D, really.


  1. Black trim, red claws / hair, gray fur, cyan band (Red)
  2. Maroon trim, purple claws / hair, gray fur (slightly darker than 1), gold band (Purple, Shiny)
  3. Navy trim, blue claws / hair, dark blue fur, yellow band (Blue)
  4. Dark green trim, lime claws / hair, green fur, pink band (Green)
  5. Dark brown trim, orange claws / hair, brown fur, white band (Brown)
  6. Red trim, black claws / hair, maroon fur, silver band (Black, somewhat of an inverse of 1)
  7. Gold trim, yellow claws / hair, light gold fur, blue band (Yellow)
  8. Silver trim, silver claws / hair, dark gray fur, black band (White)
  9. Black (dark cyan tint), dark cyan claws / hair, dark cyan fur, red band (Dark Cyan)
  10. Dark cyan trim, cyan claws / hair, slightly lighter shade of dark cyan fur, navy band (Cyan)

Black ShadowEdit

Black Shadow is still a menace, appearance-wise, retaining his F-Zero GX look.


  1. Dark purple costume (Black)
  2. Dark red costume (Red)
  3. Dark blue costume (Blue)
  4. Green costume (Green)
  5. Gray costume (Gray)
  6. Purple costume (Purple)
  7. Gold costume (Yellow)
  8. Silver costume (White)
  9. Dark magenta costume (Pink)
  10. Dark brown costume (Brown)


Roy is mostly unchanged attire-wise from Melee to Clash, aside from some notches to make him fit in with the game's detail.

His alternate is the look of his father.


  1. Blue / gold armor, purple / red cape, light blue / yellow shirt, white stockings, blue boots (Blue, Default)
  2. Red / gold armor, red / orange cape, red / yellow shirt, maroon stockings, red boots (Red)
  3. Blue / white armor, blue / gold cape, blue / white shirt, blue stockings, cyan boots (Cyan)
  4. Green / gold armor, green / dark orange cape, maroon / gold shirt, white stockings, green boots (Green)
  5. Gold / yellow armor, red / white cape, yellow / gold shirt, light turquoise stockings, gold boots (Yellow)
  6. White / silver armor, green / yellow cape, gray / silver shit, silver stockings, gray boots (White)
  7. Navy / gold armor, black / red cape, cyan / yellow shirt, white stockings, dark cyan boots (Dark Cyan, vaguely resembles Epharim)
  8. Black / red armor, gray / purple cape, black / maroon shirt, white stockings, black boots (Black)
  9. Brown / dark brown armor, yellow / blue cape, orange / brown shirt, tan stockings, orange boots (Brown)
  10. Purple / pink armor, white / red cape, magenta / pink shirt, white stockings, purple boots (Pink)


The events of Clash take place about a year after Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, leaving Ike's design mostly similar to how it was in that game.

His alternate costume is his Lord attire from the same game.


  1. Red cape, blue clothes, brown armor, black headband (Blue, Default)
  2. Yellow cape, d brown clothes, blue armor, brown headband (Brown, Greil)
  3. Red cape, purple clothes, black armor, green headband (Red)
  4. Blue cape, white (blue tint) clothes, slate armor, light blue headband (Cyan, Sigurd)
  5. Green cape, lime clothes, maroon armor, lime headband (Green)
  6. Red cape, tan clothes, brown armor, red headband (Brown, generic soldier)
  7. Pale red cape, black clothes, gray armor, black headband (Black, Daein soldier)
  8. Purple cape, orange clothes, brown armor, blue headband (Orange)
  9. Black cape, navy clothes, blue armor, gold headband (Dark Cyan)
  10. Gray cape, black (blue tint) clothes, yellow armor, orange headband (Gray)

Little MacEdit

Little Mac appears in his Punch-Out!! Wii attire, with his alternates resembling the ones of other boxers and also ones of other game boxers.

Little Mac's Alternate is the infamous training suit, seen in cutscenes in the NES and Wii Punch-Out titles. Little Mac does wear boxing gloves while in this costume, though.


  1. Green gloves, black shirt, green shorts (Green, Default)
  2. Red gloves, white shirt, whites shorts (White, Glass Joe)
  3. Olive gloves, orange shirt, olive shorts (Yellow, Von Kaiser)
  4. Red gloves, pink shirt, magenta shorts (Pink, Soda Popinski / Vodka Drunkenski)
  5. Red gloves, blue ripped shirt, blue shorts, slightly darker skin (Blue, Balrog)
  6. Red gloves, black shirt, red / yellow shorts (Red, Don Flamenco)
  7. Light blue gloves, yellow shirt, blue shorts (Cyan, Disco Kid)
  8. Red gloves, brown shirt, white / green shorts (Brown, Bald Bull)
  9. Red gloves, cyan shirt, dark cyan shorts, white hair (Dark Cyan, Super Macho Man)
  10. Green gloves, black shirt, orange shorts, black skin (Black, Mr. Sandman)


  1. Pink suit, green gloves (Pink, Default)
  2. Red suit, blue gloves (Red)
  3. Blue suit, black gloves (Blue)
  4. Green suit, yellows gloves (Green)
  5. Gray suit, red gloves (Gray)
  6. Brown suit, orange gloves (Brown)
  7. Black suit, pink gloves (Black)
  8. White suit, purple gloves (White)
  9. Dark purple suit, navy gloves (Purple)
  10. Dark cyan suit, cyan gloves (Dark Cyan)

Kyle HydeEdit

Kyle Hyde makes his 3D debut in Clash, being one of the more realistic fighters around, save the fact he's black and white of course!

Kyle Hyde's skin stays white in all costumes, with his gray jacket receiving a tint towards the represented color. His pants are typically a dark version of that color, with the tie being a normal version of the color. Yeah, color wise, he's pretty generic.


  1. Gray jacket, gray pants, black tie (Gray, default)
  2. Gray (red tint) jacket, maroon pants, red tie (Red)
  3. Gray (blue tint), dark blue pants, blue tie (Blue)
  4. Gray (green tint), dark green pants, lime tie (Green)
  5. Gray (yellow tint), olive pants, gold tie (Yellow)
  6. Black jacket, silver pants, gray tie (Black)
  7. Dark brown jacket, brown pants, orange tie (Brown)
  8. Dark purple jacket, purple pants, magenta tie (Purple)
  9. Silver jacket, gray pants, silver tie (White)
  10. Gray (pink tint) jacket, dark magenta pants, pink tie (Pink)

Mr. Game & WatchEdit

Game & Watch remains unchanged, appearance wise. He's still a lovable 2D fellow and nothing more.

Since Mr. Game & Watch is the only character in the game without an alternate costume, he instead has more palettes available than other characters, one for each main scheme. He also has a few schemes no other character has. Game & Watch has a total of 20 different colors though like the rest of the cast.

  1. Black (Default)
  2. Red
  3. Blue
  4. Green
  5. Gold
  6. Cyan
  7. Dark Cyan
  8. Orange
  9. Purple
  10. White
  11. Gray
  12. Brown
  13. Pink
  14. Navy
  15. Yellow
  16. Silver
  17. Magenta
  18. Cream
  19. Lime
  20. Mauve


R.O.B. is mostly unchanged from Brawl appearance-wise, although it still uses it's Famicon Computer Robot scheme as a default.


  1. White (cream tint) body, red arms (Red, Default, Robot color scheme)
  2. Silver body, pale purple arms (Gray, R.O.B. color scheme)
  3. Yellow / black body, orange arms (Yellow, "Bumblebee" R.O.B.)
  4. Pink body, purple arms (Pink, SNES color scheme)
  5. Navy body, blue arms (Blue)
  6. Green body, green / brown (?) arms (Green)
  7. Black body, silver arms (Black, N64 color scheme)
  8. Purple body, black arms (Purple, Gamecube color scheme)
  9. White body, light blue arms (Cyan, Wii color scheme)
  10. Mango Body, purple arms (Orange, Mango Sentinel R.O.B.)

The DogEdit

The Dog mostly retains it's original appearance from Duck Hunt, having a bit more cartoonly look than other characters.


  1. Dark orange fur, black / maroon ears, black collar (Orange, Default)
  2. Green fur, lime ears, purple collar (Green)
  3. Pink fur, silver / white ears, black collar (Pink)
  4. Light black fur, olive ears, black collar (Black)
  5. Red fur, maroon / brown ears, black collar (Red)
  6. Blue fur, dark blue / navy ears, cyan collar (Blue)
  7. White fur, gray ears, gray collar (White)
  8. Brown fur, red ears, black collar (Brown)
  9. Purple fur, yellow ears, indigo collar (Purple)
  10. Dark cyan fur, indigo ears, orange collar (Dark Cyan)


Sonic's colors are a bit different from Brawl. The colors of his fur are a bit different to make each costume easier to distinguish. His design is pretty much the same as in that game, though. Most of his colors resemble the color schemes of other Sonic characters.

Sonic's alternate is Metal Sonic. Sonic, unlike other characters, can get his alternate by clearing Classic Mode on Unfair and getting the "Perfect" bonus at Stage 11. That's easier said than done, though.

Metal Sonic's voice clips are changed a bit from Sonic's. "Trim" refers to Metal Sonic's ears, hands, and chest.

Sonic's alternate is also much different from other alternates in that it actually does change some of his character and move attributes, a trait no other alternate has. More on this later.


  1. Blue fur, green eyes, red shoes (Blue, Default)
  2. Black fur (red tint), red eyes, silver shoes (Black)
  3. Silver fur, yellow eyes, cyan shoes (White)
  4. Red fur, purple eyes, green shoes (Red)
  5. Yellow-brown fur, blue eyes, white shoes with red trim (Yellow)
  6. Green fur, cyan eyes, black shoes (Green)
  7. Pink fur, green eyes, red shoes (Pink)
  8. Gray fur, blue eyes, purple shoes (Gray)
  9. Orange fur, green eyes, brown shoes (Orange)
  10. Cyan fur, green eyes, cyan shoes (Cyan)


  1. Blue skin, red eyes, yellow trim, red shoes (Blue, Default)
  2. Black skin, red eyes, orange trim, yellow shoes (Black, Metal Sonic 3.0)
  3. Maroon skin, gray eyes, white trim, yellow shoes (Red)
  4. Gold skin, blue eyes, white trim, red shoes (Yellow)
  5. Dark green skin, red eyes, black trim, pink shoes (Green)
  6. Silver skin, red eyes, silver trim, silver shoes (White, Silver Sonic)
  7. Orange-brown skin, green eyes, cream trim, brown shoes (Orange)
  8. Dark cyan skin, green eyes, cyan trim, blue shoes (Cyan)
  9. Dark purple skin, yellow eyes, black trim, black shoes (Purple)
  10. Magenta skin, green eyes, yellow trim, red shoes (Pink)

Mega ManEdit

The Mega Man in Clash is the one from the old school Mega Man series (Classic). He has a pretty simple design that hasn't been changed much in the transition to Super Smash Bros.

Mega Man's alternate costume is Mega Man Volnutt / Mega Man Trigger from the Mega Man Legends games.


  1. Light blue suit, blue armor (Blue, Default)
  2. Silver suit, red armor (Red, Protoman)
  3. Gray suit, black armor (Black, Bass)
  4. Lime suit, green armor (Green)
  5. Light orange suit, orange armor (Orange)
  6. Light pink suit, pink armor (Pink)
  7. Yellow suit, gold armor (Yellow)
  8. White suit, grey armor (Gray, Game Boy-style Mega Man)
  9. Light brown suit, brown armor (Brown)
  10. Cyan suit, teal armor (Dark Cyan)


  1. Blue / cyan armor (Blue, Default)
  2. Red / white armor (Red, based offRoll Caskett)
  3. Pink / black armor (Pink, based off Tron Bonne)
  4. Green / black armor (Green, based off Teisel Bonne)
  5. White / red armor (White, based off Mega Man Juno)
  6. Purple / yellow armor (Purple, based off Lex Loath)
  7. Brown / yellow armor (Brown, based off Glyde)
  8. Orange / silver armor with black legs (Orange, based off Barell Casket)
  9. Yellow / orange armor (Yellow, based off Bon Bonne)
  10. Light blue / cyan armor with yellow hands and neck (Cyan, based off a Servbot)


Ryu's appearance is based off of his Street Fighter IV model, with his headband, gi, and fingerless gloves all intact. His colors vary between original and ones taken from the various versions Street Fighter II and Street Fighter IV.

Much like Mario, though, you should know what this guy looks like already.

Ryu's alternate scheme is Evil Ryu as he appears in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. He fires purple fireballs, but has no other differences from regular Ryu. Costumes 3 and 4 use Ryu's brown hair instead of Evil Ryu's red. Color 10 uses white hair.


  1. White gi, red headband, red gloves (White, Default)
  2. Black gi, red headband, mauve gloves (Black, Evil Ryu)
  3. Red gi, yellow headband, brown gloves (Red, Ken Masters)
  4. Pink gi, brown headband, green gloves (Pink, Dan Hibiki)
  5. Navy blue gi, blue headband, dark brown gloves (Blue)
  6. Green gi, lime headband, brown gloves (Green)
  7. Light brown gi, purple headband, purple gloves (Brown)
  8. Light blue gi, white headband, brown gloves (Cyan)
  9. Gray gi, white headband, silver gloves (Gray)
  10. Orange gi, purple headband, brown gloves (Orange)


  1. Black gi, red headband, brown gloves (Black)
  2. Dark cyan gi, black headband, gray gloves (Dark Cyan)
  3. Blood red gi, yellow headband, dark brown gloves (Red)
  4. Dark magenta gi, black headband, green gloves (Pink)
  5. Dark green gi, dark red headband, orange gloves (Green)
  6. Dark blue gi, gold headband, gray gloves (Blue)
  7. Purple gi, lighter red headband, gray gloves (Purple)
  8. Dark brown gi, orange headband, dark purple gloves (Brown)
  9. Lighter shade of dark cyan gi, blue headband, cyan gloves (Cyan)
  10. Gray gi, gray headband, black gloves


The DucksEdit

The Ducks have been updated quite a bit graphically, obviously. They last appeared in 1985, if that's any indications. Each of the three ducks have the same color.

  1. Green head, black body (Black)
  2. Black head, maroon body (Red)
  3. Fuchsia head, blue body (Blue)
  4. Gold head, purple body (Purple)

Shadow the HedgehogEdit

Shadow remains very similar to how he was in Brawl, appearance-wise. Nothing aside from his fur is modified much.

  1. Black / red fur (Black)
  2. Black / orange fur (Brown)
  3. Black with blue tint / cyan fur (Blue)
  4. Black with lime tint / lime fur (Green)


Chun-Li's looks the same has she has since 1991. Just about everything in each of her colors gets tinted toward the color it represents.

  1. Blue costume (Blue)
  2. Pink costume (Pink)
  3. Red costume (Red)
  4. Black costume (Black)


Zangief's appearance is the same as it's always been. As usual, he's a huge mass of muscle, hair, and scars, really.

  1. Red / yellow clothes, white skin (Red)
  2. Dark cyan / pale green clothes, pinkish-white skin (Green)
  3. Orange / yellow clothes, white skin (Orange)
  4. Silver / yellow clothes, light brown skin (Gray)

M. BisonEdit

M. Bison's look is from the Street Fighter II / Street Fighter IV games, although he does wear his cape like he does in the Street Fight Alpha games.

  1. Red uniform, silver armor, blue trim (Red)
  2. Olive uniform, slate gray armor, pale red trim (Brown)
  3. Blue uniform, gold armor, gold trim (Blue)
  4. White uniform, red armor, blue trim (White)