Super Smash Bros. Clash features a store. It's located in the Vault. In the store, you can buy quite a few things with your Smash Coins, the currency of the game. Smash Coins are obtained by earning points via bonuses in the various game modes. You can have up to 999,999 Smash Coins.

Purchasable itemsEdit

You can purchase a wide variety of items in the store, including characters, music, stage builder parts, downloadable content and other things.


For characters to show up in the store, you first:

  • Need to meet a condition to fight them and fail.
  • Fight them in The Dark Tournament, but not as a Rival.

After meeting one of those conditions, you can purchase characters here for a price. The price varies depending on who it is.

  • Luigi, Jigglypuff, Isaac, Professor Layton and Toon Link cost 3,000 Smash Coins.
  • Wolf, Funky Kong, Roy, Snake and Sonic cost 7,000 Smash Coins.
  • Zoroark, Knuckles, Ridley, Bowser Jr., and Mega Man cost 13,000 Smash Coins.
  • Vaati, Waluigi, Ocelot, King K. Rool and Mr. Game & Watch cost 25,000 Smash Coins.
  • R.O.B., Black Shadow, Ryu, Dark Samus and The Dog cost 50,000 Smash Coins.
  • Mewtwo, Ganondorf, Kyle Hyde and Fawful cost 100,000 Smash Coins.

Secret A and Secret B are not purchasable in the store.


The CD system is a bit different now. When you obtain a CD, they are placed into the store and when you come back into the store, you can redeem your CD for a Random CD Song of your choice. Songs marked "Random CD Song" on the Music list can be redeemed here, but you need to unlock the stage the song plays on first.

Before purchasing a song, you can listen to the first 15 seconds of it and see if you like it. All songs cost 10,000 Smash Coins.

Stage Builder partsEdit

You can also purchase stage builder parts here. More details on this soon.

Dowloadable contentEdit

After purchasing a download ticket for downloadable content via the Wii Shop Channel or the in-game Online Store, you can purchase the content the download ticket is for here. All downloadable content costs 0 Smash Coins.

This more or less speculation and downloadable content may or may not actually get in to the game.


The lottery from Super Smash Bros. Melee is back. By depositing coins into a drawing machine, you may randomly obtain a trophy or a sticker. It is also possible to obtain multiple trophies or stickers, but this is EXTREMELY rare. Depositing more coins


There is also a bank where you can deposit and withdraw Smash Coins. Once every six hours in real time, you can stop by here and obtain 1% interest based on how many coins you had deposited.