Training is a game mode in Super Smash Bros. Clash. In here, you can do some practice, work on your combos and experiment with a bunch of random things like you could in previous Super Smash Bros. games.

As always, there are a lot of options presented here, with a couple of new features.


Here is a list of options applicable to the Training Mode. Pressing Start on a Gamecube controller and similar commands will bring up this menu.

Also, upon start-up, your Super Smash Meter and Clash Attack Meter are both automatically filled. If you use Clash Actions or a Final Smash, though, you'll need to re-build the meter for them.

  • Game Speed: Control the pace of battle. Paces of x1/4, x1/2, x2/3, x1, x1.5, and x2 are available. Default is x1.
  • Item: This option lets you generate any item. Of course, you can only have as many on screen as you can in VS. mode.
  • Enemy Count: Set the amount of computer controlled players on screen. You can put 1, 2, or 3 players on screen. Default is 1.
  • Damage: Set the damage percentage of your computer controlled-players. When a computer player takes damage, after a little while they'll automatically recover to this percentage like the training dummies in other fighting games. Unlike in previous games, though, you can also set your damage.
  • Assist: Set your Assist Character. This is the only mode in the game where you can change your Assist, and allows you to experiment things like traps and combo set-ups with them.
  • Enemy: Set your enemy's behavior. You can also change their difficulty level, which is new.
    • Stop: They don't do anything, except for when knocked off stage, in which they will make attempts to recover.
    • Walk: The CPU walks around.
    • Jump: The CPU jumps over and over.
    • Attack: The CPU makes an effort to actually attack you. They use the tactics of their currently set difficult level, obviously.
    • Evade: The CPU runs away from you.
    • Control: Players can control the CPUs.
  • Camera: Control the camera. Normal has it like normal, Fixed has it so it views the entire stage from a "fixed" viewpoint, Angled is like the Angled Camera feature in Special Clash, and Zoom has it zoom in really close on you.
  • Guard: Let's you control your foe's guard method. None has it so they don't block, Auto-Guard has it show if your next hit lands while the CPU isn't in hitstun, they will block/dodge. Automatic has it so they will dodge or block everything except unblockable moves.
  • Help: Toggles a bit of info to the right of the screen, which keeps track of combo hits, combo damage, the last hit's damage, damage scaling, Clash Attack Meter gained from a move and the like.
  • Finish: Takes you back to the Character Select Screen.

Overall, it's interesting and very useful to hone your skills, practice techniques and the like.