The Wombo Combo is a memetic combo done that was performed by SS and Tang using Fox and Captain Falcon in a Super Smash Bros. Melee match. Since Super Smash Bros. Clash's base combo system is mostly like Melee's, you can perform this combo.

This specific series of attacks is the only one in the entire game that ignores Damage scaling. Actually performing this in a match gets you a special bonus.

The ComboEdit

This combo can also be done with Falco and other characters, but one of the players always needs to be Captain Falcon. Player A refers to the Fox / Falco / whatever player.

  1. Player A - Grab opponent
  2. Captain Falcon - Neutral Aerial; must only connect with second hit. First should miss.
  3. Player A - Forward Throw
  4. Captain Falcon - Dash back, grab opponent, Back Throw
  5. Player A - Up Smash, works best with Fox or Falco
  6. Captain Falcon - Run off the stage and use your Clash Attack (Knee Smash / Knee of Justice)

Note that the Back Throw -> Up Smash follow-up must be done fairly quickly. Since Waveshining cannot be done by Clash Fox or Clash Falco, you only need to get a normal Up Smash to hit. Against high armor characters like Bowser and R.O.B., the Knee Smash finish needs to be done as quickly as possible.


The Wombo Combo was performed in this match to finish the game off. Be warned that there is some foul language. If you want to just see the combo, skip to around 3:13 in the video.